Bee Aware!

Isn’t it great when you can learn more about what interest you from people who have experience in the same area?Bee on White Flower

It helps to meet with other Beekeeper’s to share personal experiences; to ask questions; to share ideas and to report findings. That is exactly why the Reelfoot Beekeeper’s Association was formed.

We are a new club ready to welcome anyone new to the hobby or very much experienced in the art of Beekeeping.  We invite you to bring your questions and to bring your answers.  You might beamazed at some of the things that are working for others in this hobby.  We all have questions and opinions are always a great way to us thinking.

Un-assembled Hive ComponentsBeekeeping Associations such as the RBA are also a great to way to share in ordering supplies at a much cheaper rate.  We are able to buy in bulk and share the the discount.  We also exist to make the public aware of the Bees and and how important they are to our environment.

Our Mission is simple:
Reelfoot Beekeeper’s Association exists to raise awareness of Beekeeping to the people of Reelfoot Lake area including Dyer County, western Obion County, Lake County, Northwestern Gibson County, northern Lauderdale County, northern Crocket County, and northern Haywood County.Bee Swarm

We’d love for you to join us every third Tuesday of every month @ 7 PM.