This is the quickest way to get help with emergencies and situations involving Honey Bees.

Below, we have compiled this list of RBA Members with experience in HONEY BEE REMOVAL, which may include Swarm Collection, Cut-Outs (removal of bees from structures) or Trap-Outs (Removal of bees from inaccessible places).

Please choose someone in your area from the list below:

Dyer County:
Paul Moore 731-676-2127
Chuck Burton  731- 882-2591
David Scott  731-377-0728
Billy Beegle  731-589-3199

Lake County:
Fred Wortman  731-225-1276
Franklin Reynolds  731-377-0555
Shane Cockman  731-446-9079

Obion County:
Shane Cockman  731-446-9079
Jerry Criswell  731-446-6893
Dwayne Tarkington  731-884-4350 or 731-885-9618
Jim Leeke  731-885-4832
Carey Morris  731-907-0777

You can also call your local Agricultural UT Extension Office:
Dyer County Extension Office  731-286-7821
Lake County Extension Office  731-253-6528
Obion County Extension Office  731-885-3742